Basic RSTP Lab (Juniper)

Christian Scholz []

vPC’s are in VLAN 100 (, Switches have VLAN’s 100,200,300 and 400 configured.
Priorities: (4k), vQFX2 (8k), vQFX3 (12k), vQFX4 (16k)
This Lab shows, that no Loops are made and that RSTP works as expected.
Use “show spanning-tree interface” and “show spanning-tree bridge” to see the blocked Ports and to verify, that RSTP successfully blocked the correct path.

Nodes and Versions:
vQFX: 17.4R1.16
vPC: Embedded in EVE (no Version)

EVE-NG used:

Included Files:
upload (contains eve-ng files for import)
configs (contains all configs for all devices)
topology (shows topology)

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